Rahul Gandhi’s First TV Interview creates buzz on social media

Indian elections are due in 2014 and so are a hot topic on Social Media. Everyday, one or the other political trend is around on Twitter and we are of the view that Social Media will play a crucial role in the Indian election results in 2014,be it Narendra Modi’s popularity on Social Media or Aam Aadmi Party’s way of forming Government via Social Media

Rahul Gandhi First TV Interview creates buzz on Social Media

Rahul Gandhi’s first interview on Television did create a lot of hype and Twitter being the primary conversation hub of hot topics, many people were live tweeting about the interview and what they really felt about what it had to offer. We have compiled some of the stats with the help of Talkwalker around the chatter related to the interview:

Rahul Gandhi Interview Trend
Rahul Gandhi Conversation Trend during & after the Interview

The interview caught up on Twitter during the later half of the duration when people started actively live-tweeting their thoughts on the debate. Some were meant to be sarcastic while others were genuinely sharing their thoughts on what the Congress Vice President had to say to the people. Around 71,000 conversations (& still counting) were recorded till 12 P.M IST around the interview with Twitter contributing to almost all of the share of conversation.

Type of Social Media Conversations Rahul Gandhi Interview

Times Now had branded the conversation with hashtag #RahulSpeaksToArnab which had the bulk of the conversation with around 60% of the Tweets with the mentioned hashtag around the topic. The hashtags also used with the conversation were #ArnabVsRahul (more than 15K mentions) with other topics such as RTI & Women Empowerment which Rahul was addressing during the interview. Below is the conversation cloud depicting the most popular topics people were interested in talking during the course:

Rahul Gandhi Interview Conversation on Social Media
Topics which the people were mostly talking about in the course of the Debate and the after discussion on Twitter

The sentiment around the subject was tilted around the negative side with 28% negative conversations coming in from people supporting other political parties.While most of them had clear favorites in mind, some neutral people also voiced views on the indefinite and repetitive manner which Rahul was seen adopting during the interview.

Rahul Gandhi Interview Sentiment on Social Media

With Social Media becoming an integral part of marketing for political parties and people finding a medium to voice their views through Twitter and Facebook, it would be interesting to see how social media proves to be a game-changer in the upcoming elections 2014.

What do you think about Rahul Gandhi’s first TV Interview? Care to express your views?

In case you have missed the interview, you can catch it live on the TimesNow YouTube Channel.

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