How Real Estate companies can leverage Social Media in a better way?

Are you a real estate brand and looking for ways to leverage social media? Gone are those days when real estate was about posters stuck on the bus stop or those giant hoarding with a big smile and your number underneath. Real estate is a business that thrives on personal connections, and social media presents itself as a perfect platform to connect with your audiences in real-time.

Consider this article as an open house for exploring and learning new tactics related to social media. To help you make a right footing, below mentioned are some real estate brands that have already set base on social media and are truly rocking it! Let’s take a look at what lessons can be imparted from them.

1. Century21 – Involve Humour

Who says real estate companies don’t have a sense of humour? Century 21 definitely has a funny bone and it shows through the unique content they share on their social channels.

century21 facebook post

Like this post they shared on their Facebook page on 4th May in honour of Star Wars Day. Will make you chuckle and they’ve even incorporated the essence of real estate through having the lightsaber on the walkway. It just shows if you are a real-estate brand you don’t have to cold sell all the time, first connect and then take it to the next step.

2. Brad Bell – Virtual tour

When it comes to real estate, seeing is believing! Hence make use of images and videos to show off properties to potential customers. Your images and videos need to be of the highest quality and have amazing clarity; otherwise they will be just a sore spot to the eye. As videos are still a rage you can capture your audience’s attention with an insightful clip and if they find it useful, they will even share the same with their network.

Exactly, how Brad Bell has made use of their YouTube channel to share listings of their properties through videos, and in-turn have given a virtual tour of the whole house.

3. Corcoran Group – Sell through an Experience

Your audiences crave an experience they can gain from your product, so make sure through your posts you can show what they are missing out if they aren’t making use of your company.

Like this post by Corcoran Group on Instagram shows, what an amazing modern kitchen you can eat your lunches and dinners in, if you lived here. Seeing this would definitely flip a switch in your followers, and make them go towards the link and contact you! Experiences are more memorable, in comparison to just plain images and description.

4. BHG Real Estate- Share tips tricks

If buying a house is a battle, the intricate details of shifting, painting, decorating is a complete pain and gives many people a ton of grief. Thus apart from sharing images of your listings, help out your audiences through tips & tricks which would dial down their trouble with quick solutions and this would create a deeper emotional connect. As they would feel you haven’t abandoned them after selling, and are there to even help them settle down.

BHG Real Estate on their Twitter page keeps sharing tips and tricks of how their audiences can transform the empty space in their houses into something glamorous. Like this post by them of how you can effectively make use of your garage space.

5. Boutique Real Estate Group – Introduce your team

Your audiences would love to know a bit more about your brand; you can weave them in through showcasing about your team, sharing behind the scenes footage and branded history. Through this move, your followers will feel like they are getting to know an old friend.

boutique pinterest board

Boutique Real Estate Group on Pinterest has shared a board with their followers called “Meet Our Team.” This in a way humanises your brand and creates a more personal connection, as you get to meet the team members and what position do they hold at the company.

More ways to pep up!

Social media post ideas from these brands, will help you get going on various social channels and always keep in mind the limitations each network posses. Your aim should be to create unique content, so it leads to interaction with your community.

  • Be Consistent, by posting daily engaging and informative content. You can share industry related articles, tips, market information and so on.
  • Communication is the key, try to always be available for your audiences. If they pose questions or queries, answer immediately and that will show them you care! It’s a simple thing, but not many brands follow it.
  • Storytelling on social media is there to stay, and its winning so many hearts for ages.
  • Real Estate is local; buying and selling of homes is a complete package – the area, school, malls everything around matters. Share with your audiences of the local places they can go to have a good time with their family, schools their children can enrol in this would give a definite advantage over others.
  • Get started with Crowdsourcing; It’s not necessary that you create all the content on your own. Leverage tools like RebelMouse which help you create a social frontage, where-in you can source content from various social channels and collate them under one hood for your customers.
  • Measure your success; check if your social strategy is getting you closer to your overall digital goal otherwise you are wasting your efforts or hired a wrong agency. Use various metrics and tools to analyse the performance on weekly and monthly basis.
  • Lastly, follow the trend but choose wisely; It’s not news when I say that social media is highly dynamic, by the time I will be done with this article, there will 5 new changes to Facebook, trends on Twitter will change, YT will have thousand more videos. My advice here is to choose the platforms to start-with wisely and master that. Instead of opening several accounts on all social platforms and just sitting idle.

Are you a real estate company making use of social media? What tactics do you employ to stand out on the social arena? Are you facing any trouble lately? Do share your insights with us below.

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    Great article! These tips are very helpful to real estate brands if they want to be more relatable in their online presence. #4 is something many people may forget about. Happy you pointed that one out.

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    Hey Harsh,

    Great article mate! You really shared interesting ways of incorporating social media into a real estate marketing strategy. One such tip that I would like to add on is embedding a social hub on the official website of a real estate business. Showcasing user experience on your website through images and videos posted by the users themselves on social media, really adds to the credibility of any real estate business and builds social trust.

    You may try Taggbox for that purpose. It has been creating beautiful social media hubs for various official websites of businesses, real estate businesses included.