How SEO and Social Media can be leveraged together?

SEO is increasing being used in conjunction with Social Media and come 2014, we should see Social SEO becoming pretty big.

SEO & Social Media in 2014

Back in 2013, I had shared an infographic about SEO Trends for 2013 and one of the key point was ‘Social Signal’ and going by the recent Panda, Penguin updates I see that Google is keen to rank your content based on the ‘Social’ perceptibility.

And how do you build ‘Social’ perception and how will it help in SEO, here are few steps.

Leveraging SEO and Social

1. Build presence on Google+

Like it or not, the power behind Google+ lies in Google and you can choose to ignore it at your own risk.  Link your website to Google+ profile. So next time someone +1s, likes or tweets your content, Google knows the original source and that social signal will help you rank better.

2. Localization

Never heard of it?? Now you have, head on to Google+ Local and list the business there or if you have a Facebook Business Page, ensure you have location details on it.

With localization of content gathering steam, the importance of having your real estate defined on Google+ Local, Facebook Business Page will be key. Optimize your content to have details of city, state, county, zip code, phone numbers etc.

3. Answer Questions

The recent Google search algorithm update gave wings to Semantic Search. Thus, building your SEO strategy peppered with keywords is a thing of past. Future content will have to answer basic questions – What, Why, When, Where, Who and How.

Ensure that your content is able to answer those questions and that will give a big boost to your SEO efforts.

4. Social Sharing

More your content is shared, the more chances are of it being clicked. And more the number of clicks on the content, the better chances are of it being staying at the top of search.

So, you need to make sure in having the social sharing elements easily available on your website. Make it easy for your readers to share content.

On the other hand, social bookmarking is also an important element of social sharing. Link your content to sites like reddit, Pinterest and also Stumbleupon.

5. Link Building

Well, you might wonder why this is the last. Last heard, with the Panda and Penguin updates, you need to be very careful about the Link Building strategies.

The moment Google knows that you are building links in unethically by means of useless comments with link to site, linking with spammy websites, etc, be ready to be penalized.

Remember, there are no shortcuts to successful link building and it’s different for every business. And it has to be used in conjunction with the entire SEO strategy.

There we are with few pointers on how you can effectively leverage SEO and Social Media to ensure better ranking for your content.

Your Turn

Please share your thoughts about the article. How do you see the future of Social Media and SEO in your marketing efforts?

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