Social Media Audit

To help businesses understand how their Social Media assets are performing, we at Digital Insights have taken a small initiative to do a brief Social Media Audit for your brand just for absolutely no cost. And this is not because of any other reason but giving value to those who really need it. The way this quote says it all-

“In social, giving value is listening instead of talking.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

You as a brand, might be handling your social media platforms on your own or some agency might be working for you or maybe some friends helping you. It is always good to know where you stand and what you can do better. This audit is designed in a way that it will help businesses whether large or small, in getting a better understanding at where their organisation currently is and what they can do to leverage the platforms effectively.

social media audit

How it will help your Businesses?

A lot of time and resources can be wasted improving things that don’t need it and neglecting things that really need your attention. That’s what happens with small business and large brands as well that are starting out on social media. Like they say – There is always room for improvement. This audit is designed to get you the right picture of where you stand today. It will help you measure where you are as compared to what you targetted.

Our way of doing it

1. In-depth analysis

We begin with an in-depth analysis for your business, where we evaluate your existing social media existence and check the current level & buzz of your organization on social media. Thus identifying with these analysis’s where you need to re-work on your strategy and which areas you are excelling at.

This is almost like somebody walking down to your store and checking the quality of stuff. Simple but personal.

2. Drilling down with tools

social media toolsAfter we get the information on a personal level, we will feed in that information with social media tools which helps us power the research. We will check how your accounts are performing on social media and measure it with the help of various metrics. We will benchmark your business or brand’s performance against industry standards. We will monitor your customers and prospects and help identify future opportunities for your brand.

We have been using a lot of social media tools to analyse campaigns and brands, we thought it’s a good way to help businesses with our skillset of understanding tools.

3. Recommendations and Way forward

After intensive analysis and the results we have received, we transform the results into a report which can be easily comprehended by your businesses. We present you with a detailed plan of action for getting started on the right note on social media. The plan will be easy to understand and implement, but if you are having difficulties you can reach out to us again anytime.

This will include simple actions, strategies and ways you can improve. And Yes! Will also help you understand what value your agencies are providing to you.

Bonus: We always respect the good work

This step doesn’t fit to all who sign up, but it’s not that hard to craft it. When we finally wrap up, everything we’ve learned or unlearned about your brand while doing your social media audit and feel that you are doing something really awesome and it can be a learning for other businesses too. We will feature your brand and the story on our blog, and spread the word out about it to our readers of how you are leveraging social media successfully (Yes, ofcourse with due permission).

Here are some great examples of stories we already covered-

Did we also mention that the story we cover gets featured on some global publications like Yahoo SmallBusiness, Business2Community, Alltop, MediaBistro and others.

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