5 Social Media lessons NOT to learn from Club Mahindra

Back in 1996, Mahindra Group entered the Leisure and Hospitality sector in India with a new brand called ‘Club Mahindra Holidays’. It was started with a single resort in Munnar, India in 2007. Presently, the company has over 43 resorts in India and abroad. In 2013, it was reported that the company is working towards acquiring and building additional resorts all over the world.

club mahindra social media

Let’s take a look at their Social Media presence:

This time we at Digital Insights are doing a different take on our 5 social media lessons series. In this article we are going to highlight the 5 social media lessons brands should ‘NOT’ learn from Club Mahindra. Let’s have a detailed look at why you should refrain to learn from them.

1. Broadcast, Don’t engage

Club Mahindra’s online presence sparks all about “Only Broadcast, Don’t engage.” It is seen across all their online presence, where they keep sharing content but in return receive very poor engagement. On Facebook, where they have 1.1 Million Fans (that’s not a small number), per post their engagement is not more than 250-300 likes on an average!

They share good content on Facebook, check out this one where they had shared a picture of a man and his son playing in the pool, and asked their audiences to caption it. They only got 1 reply and 206 likes! This conveys one message to me; Content is the King, just push it across.



2. Fake it till you make it

Who needs real people as followers; we rather get some fake accounts and increase our numbers of followers on Social Media. Have a look at the below image which indicates more than 60% of followers on their Twitter handle are fake, more than 30% are inactive! So what? You achieved your targets right? Getting X number of followers on Twitter, Facebook and so on.

club mahindra fake

If you end up getting some genuine followers, you will have to put efforts in keeping them happy and then they might turn-up as your customers; focus on numbers, buy bulk fans/followers.

3. You don’t need to know your Social Platforms

You definitely don’t need to know your social platforms; the whole point is to just deliver content daily. The YouTube videos don’t have annotations; their tweets don’t have proper hashtags they only apologise or thank their fans; on Pinterest they just keep pinning, without the thought of winning followers.

You don’t need to strategize as per different social platforms, just do what you feel like. Post the same content across all platforms and if your followers don’t get it, it’s their loss!

4. Become a Robot

Looks like Club Mahindra have foreseen the future, they are exactly like robots on social media. Whenever their customers come-up with a query, problem or even appreciate them, they have 1 customised reply for each of them like a template. It’s explicitly visible on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Check out these examples [link1] [link2]

Have standard templates for complaints, queries and when thanking them. You save your time as well as don’t bother much about what your followers/fans will think! As long as you are getting your job done.

5. Ignore your influencers

It is not important to get the influencers of your industry to endorse your brand. On their social platforms no where they talk to travellers, chefs or other influencers. Who needs that?

So ignore your influencers, your brand doesn’t need the seal of authenticity. As long as you have your self-confidence nothing else is needed! Businesses do not need to embrace the age of influence.


  1. If Content is the King, Distribution is the Queen and engagement is a two-way process, you can’t expect people to keep talking and engaging with your content just because you are acting as a broadcaster.
  2. Obsession with numbers is good when you are focused on your sales target, but not on social media certainly. Have genuine followers whom you can develop relationships with and they in turn will connect, promote and engage with your product/service.
  3. It is extremely important to know the social platform you are using, as you can’t post the same content on all platforms. They all vary: some are picture specific; some are a mix of videos and written content etc. Thus publish content according the platforms.
  4. If you are really interested in building relationships with your fans online, be human. It’s highly recommended that you resolve the issue in public and not ask people to fill a grievance form, make them feel valued and appreciated and take out some time to draft personal messages to them.
  5. Influencers = Celebrities. Remember that! If they endorse your brand, it is the ultimate seal of authenticity. It would earn your brand the extra brownie points and increase your brand’s visibility to a larger pool of audiences.

Now it’s your turn

Let’s help Club Mahindra, what do you think they should focus more on? Engagement or Leads from Social Media?

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