Social Media: Are you networking in your Pajamas?

Isn’t it amazing how it only takes seconds for you to form an opinion about someone, even before they have opened their mouth! The same is just as true online. But what if you were unprepared to start those conversations? Maybe your hair hadn’t been brushed yet, you had morning breath, you forgot your business cards, or you were still dressed in your pajamas. Not a good impression. Similarly on Social Media a lot of times customers are turned off with the online presence of the brands.

social media pajamas

But on these platforms it’s all about the customers! By engagement, creating awareness, drive traffic and create sales! That’s how you build customer relationship which in turn makes them your paying customer in future. Are you also networking in your pajamas? Don’t worry with these solutions you will be able to attract customers like a magnet.

Which Social Sites Should You Choose?

The most common mistakes brands make, they create their brand pages on all platforms and expect customers to just pop. You have multiple options on social media, and as a brand you need to choose the platforms in which your target audience is lives, drinks or sleeps. And need to be conscious of the type of content works best on that platform, to do the same below is the image that you might helpful.

social media selection guide

The selection of photo, video, link, or text posts for each platform is of utmost importance and so are below points describing the key to success on Social Media for your brand.

You are your Brand

The most important way to create your online presence is by being clear on what your brand is and how you want to express it to your customers. Once you have sorted that strategy you can start working on ways to strategize and understand where your potential customers are hanging out online. How you want to market your brand and the desired way it should affect them.

Example: Jetblue Airlines has a great presence and the way it handles interaction be it negative or positive.

Engagement is the key

more online engagementDon’t just stand there; do something. Simply being present on social media doesn’t cut it these days. People need a reason to interact with you, and their reason will never be “because they’re here.” Make an effort to create content your target audience will find interesting and will keep them coming back for more. The beauty of social media is that it’s a two-way medium, so converse with your audience. Respond to their posts and questions, share their stories, and give your brand page a personality. What you want is for the people who connect with you to stop and read your posts, rather than scrolling past them. Eventually, when you spur enough engagement, you’ll have customers voluntarily posting reviews, and tagging photos regarding your brand product and spreading the word for you!

Example: Tata Docomo has got it right with the engagement and the sort of content to be posted on social media with the amount of likes, followers, +1’s they have received.

Are You Really Wearing Pajamas?

Just like people are forming opinions about you by how you dress, how you do your hair, how you smell, etc. People are always forming very real opinions about you by how your web site or blog looks, how your social profiles look and what you say. Everything should be clearly expressing what your brand is about. Your blog and social profiles should also express your uniqueness. No one likes going to someone’s boring, unprofessional site. People want to know what makes your brand different than your competitors, why they should care about what you have to say. Be innovative and different; don’t do the things which have been done to death in various platforms. Be unique and don’t copy others, otherwise they won’t be able to tell the difference, eventually get bored and just be another Fan/ follower number on your page!

Example: Oreo is a great example of the way they handle their brand pages. They have creative content.

No vacation on Social Media

no vacations on social mediaThere are no vacations on social media, once you have made your brand page you have to be committed. A lot of brands initially create brand pages get their desired amount to followers/fans and then stop! They become a Ghost. Update your profiles with content which is viable and consistent. If you can’t post manually everyday! Then choose social tools like Buffer, Hootsuite which will help you pre-set your task and post it for you according to your schedule!

Example: Vodafone is not as active on their other brand pages as compared to twitter.

Watch WHAT you are doing

There is no room for mistakes on social media, so watch your spellings and grammar very carefully. Even information provided should be cross checked about the facts you’re stating and its relevance. Use your platforms according to their capabilities. Like on twitter don’t just keep posting links! Its 140 characters for a reason post text which is informative as well effective.

Example: Talk about bad timing. American Rifleman, a journal affiliated with the National Rifle Association, posted a pro-gun tweet as the mass shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colo. was unfolding. The tweet itself appeared to have been pre-scheduled through Hootsuite, but needless to say, it struck a nerve. The tweet was deleted several hours later and the account was deleted later that day, as well.

When someone lands on your social feeds, their opinion about you will be made at that very moment. If you fail to make a good impression at this point, then you may have lost them forever. After all, there are plenty of other people out there that are worth finding out about, connecting with and forming a relationship.

From a business or brand point of view, how much passing traffic can you afford to lose because of the way you look? Gaining trust and loyalty from our networks and connections is the goal of every business. You may not like the fact that you are being judged, but it’s a reality that has to be accepted in today’s world.

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