Social Media in India, a Roundup of 2013

It’s almost the end of the year, and you know what that means? It means it’s time for a roundup of some of the best social media publications in 2013. This year has been a huge year for social media. With big Facebook changes, Twitter’s IPO, and the launch of multiple other social platforms, and brands are continuing to explore the possibilities social media has to offer. We at Digital Insights are doing a round-up of Indian Publications that have shared vital pieces of information regarding social media.

social media india 2013

1. Content is the king

Content Marketing a buzzword that’s been around for awhile on Social Media circles is making its way to broader marketing discussions, let’s have a look at a few of them.

  • Content Marketing involves a planned strategy, without a strategy you would lost in the forest without a direction compass. This article provides in-depth the 7 steps on how to leverage content marketing with inspiring examples. [link]
  • Content is the king as it was said by Bill Gates. But in this article it highlights that the functions performed are a lot more than the king (literally). It plays a lot of roles from the Jester, Herald, Knight and the Wizard according to each brand’s need. [link]
  • It takes seconds for someone to form an opinion and it is done on the basis through content. Thus it is essential that the content online has to be organic, creative and there is no vacation on social media when it comes to engaging audiences. [link]
  • The backbone of the campaign can be easily attributed to the originality of the content which is bold in nature and thus with this they have mastered the art of Twitter conversations. [link]
  • Making your content go viral does not mean writing content and posting it on your social media properties. And poof! It’s viral. For content to go viral it needs to be organic, creative and reach your audiences at the right time. [link]

2. Storytelling

Human beings are storytellers by nature, and they also love to listen to them. We love to connect with stories, involve, engage, and eventually get sold. Similarly brands should do storytelling on Social Media, and for them it’s something more than just telling stories about their brand. Effective brand stories must embody the brand. They must be unique, noticeable and should be focused to conversations with target audience.

  • Vikram Seth, the bestselling novelist and poet is showing his anger on the recent reinstatement by the Indian Supreme Court of a ban on gay sex. And does a great job of storytelling through his provoking picture on the magazine which created ripples on social media. [link]
  • Crowd Sourcing opens up huge possibilities for brands on social media through designs, logos, songs etc. this article highlights 5 examples which have done a great job of Crowd Sourcing on Social Media. [link]
  • There has often been talk between New media and the Traditional media. But the thing to keep in mind is that the campaigns run in tandem between the New and traditional media is what spreads the message faster. [link]
  • Customer is the king and the reviewer is the Emperor which is the new saying these days. Thus whatever negative backlash you receive as a brand you should take it in your stride, work on it and make it your positive. [link]
  • Social Media is evolving with newer ways for storytelling. Vine an application specifically for videos, this article illustrates of how to leverage this medium with some success stories of brands. [link]
  • This article debates between whether brands can be built online or not. And even does a comparison between TV and online in terms of reach, impact, time spent, delivery, association etc. [link]

3. If content is the King, Distribution is the Queen

2013 is the year of content marketing and it saw the beginning of Content Promotion, let’s hope that 2014 will lay more emphasis on content promotion. Too many marketers are forgetting about promotion; instead, they believe the answers to their content marketing woes are to produce more and better content.

  • Election Fever has completely gripped India, and the most asked question do you think Narendra Modi will be the new face of India? Most are in awe of him and vote for him in support and very few loathe him. [link]
  • The Patna blast had a bigger explosion on Social Media as it sparked so many conversations around it. It had the most effect on Twitter with voices of displeasure being tweeted every second by users. [link]
  • What is the use of content if it is unread, but Sony Pix did a great job with having it exposed to such a wide audience through using social media in their strategy. By using celebrities and making the people feel superior by associating them with the word “Amazing”. [link]
  • The Jewellery brand has created quite a stir where advertisers and marketers steer clear from breaking any taboos in society and choose to play safe. Moreover, social media has played a major role in spreading the brand’s path-breaking commercial. [link]

4. Focus on Engagement than sales

Engagement is the key to develop a bond with customers and potential customers. Brand shouldn’t only keep obsessing about sales; there is a chain reaction between Engagement and Sales. If there is no engagement with consumers, how can there be sales?

  • Amul the brand is consumed by all and loved by all, and the same holds true for its marketing communication effort. The love for Amul’s advertisements, in-particular, and the brand in-general is such that people from all age groups connect emotionally with the brand. But the brand needs to bring a little more changes in comparison to their competitors or there would be a dip in the level of engagement. [link]
  • With the Websites Debacle on Sachin Tendulkars farewell match, the customers took to social media to vent their anger and KyaZoonga wasn’t fully prepared for the situation on how to deal with the issue. [link]
  • The Lufthansa Network challenge was very well received on Facebook and it’s a great way to create engagement. Not only does it create excitement to participate but even involves perks which induces more participation. [link]
  • To drive sales, a combination of awareness and engagement is essential. Educating people about your product and at the same time, listening to their needs makes consumers far more likely to buy a product. [link]
  • Social Media increases the exposure and awareness, but a combined effort between Social Media and other forms of media can lay greater emphasis for influencing to generate votes. [link]
  • Social Media influencers are the new age celebrities online. They provide a seal of credibility when they are endorsing or sharing certain information relating to their industries. [link]

5. Social Media Tips

Social media is an important part of doing business today. It’s important that businesses are using social media productively, using posts to build business rather than simply chat and interact.

  • These 5 are the most common social media jargons which are mentioned/ Implied across all platforms. [link]
  • Twitter and the Internet are filled with more facilities to support and promote brand recall online, a lot more than what Facebook can offer. Facebook was made for more private interaction with friends and family, less for companies to engage with their consumers. [link]
  • With so much competition and an array of social media agencies. These tips come in handy for survival, growth and many other secrets dished out by the experts. [link]
  • Twitter is constantly growing and with millions of users, if 140 characters are used effectively it can do wonders for a brand. With this extensive list of twenty 3rd party applications makes the process convenient and provides desired results. [link]
  • With these impressive numbers and the growth of mobile messaging apps in India, it will be interesting to see how the marketers will market their produce to their consumers. [link]
  • And not to forget, 7 Mistakes that brands should avoid on Twitter in 2014 [link]

It’s been one heck of a year. With new social networking platforms appearing from every corner, it can be hard to know exactly where to commit your time and resources. And as we move into the New Year, it’s important to look ahead to where social media is going, and how we can get the most of it.

Hope you enjoyed this article much, how was your 2013? What do you think about the Impact of Social Media in 2014? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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