You MUST bust these Social Media myths right away!

There is no shortage of advice (some of it not very helpful) about the role Social Media Marketing should play in a company’s online marketing plan. Social Media has become a rampant part of company’s growth strategy these days, but there are still some misconceptions about how to use social media to drive sales and which services are worth the investment of company time and resources etc.

Thus we at DI have decided finally to put these social media myths and have listed the 10 most common myths we read/hear about all the time. If you believe in any of these, it will be a fair decision to bust them right away!

1. Social Media is Facebook

Often it seems as if the only social marketing that matters to marketers is Facebook. Given the amount of users on Facebook is most dominant compared to other platforms 1.15+ Billion users. Businesses rush to advertise their products and lay emphasis only on this platform, thinking their users are all on this platform due to the amount of users in this platform!

There are many other social platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. it is important as a marketer to research thoroughly which platform your audiences reside and market your brand accordingly and leverage the platforms effectively, so to all the marketers who think social media is Facebook! It’s time to throw away your blinkers and look at the other platforms that are waiting to be leveraged.

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2. I don’t have time to sit in front of my PC 24×7 to be social

24x7 with pc

4.2 Billion People use their mobile phones to access social media sites. I hope this statistic alone has busted this myth. You do not have to sit in front of the laptop/desktop to be available or social with your users 24×7. Most the websites are mobile centric as users access their favourite sites on-the-go. As a business even you can manage your daily functions via Smartphone’s or tablets and don’t need to worry about not being connected with your users.

3. Your agency made a mistake, delete it ASAP

Sometimes brands posts updates on social networks without seeing if there is a mistake or some are not happy with the negative backlash their post is receiving. And they think they can ‘Undo’ it all by just deleting it. They are highly mistaken it provokes your audiences more, if it is deleted doesn’t mean the cached copy isn’t there on Google and maybe one of your followers may have taken the screenshot of it. So don’t delete the post to try to cover for yourself it would only make it worst. Rather follow some procedures and come out victorious in the negative situation.

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4. Social media connections are not real

socially virtual

A lot of people think that the social media connections made are all virtual friends only and not real. That is not true as we at DI have made a lot of global connections and we are proud of being connected with them. To take your connections to next level and make it an offline connect as well- there are so many social meet-ups, webinar, hangouts, and other parties happen that allows you to meet your online connections.

5. Social Media is all about Me, me and ME

This is the most common mistakes brands make, they only talk about their products and are obsessed with themselves. To make a connection with your audiences who are your potential customers, you need to engage in conversation with them. When it comes to social media, the phrase “engage your customer” always seems to be at the forefront.

However, just engaging prospective customers is only part of the story. It does not mean you have successfully driven them back to your site and converted them to paying customers. You need to entice them slowly and gradually once you build a relationship with them and make sure they become your paying customers.

6. Buy your Fans/Followers

buy social followers

Brands are obsessed with numbers, and they think having a certain amount of fake Fans/Followers will showcase their success on social media. But they are forgetting a very important point these numbers are not going to buy their products, but real fans/followers will! So they need to engage with their audiences and create real relationships with organic content.

7. Who cares about brands on Social Media? I am here for my friends

Friends like having the good experiences their friends are having. So when you friend someone on social media, you see their profile page and the activity on it. When you see them commenting, sharing about a certain product/brand and if it interests you, even you get influenced and then ultimately get connected with the same brand/product. So this way brands can cast a wider net by attracting more audiences.

8. Social Media replaces a Website

need a website?

We can’t stress enough about how important it is to have a website separate from your social media accounts. I will tell you only one thing; when you talk about Sales, it happens only on Websites, not on Social Media. Social Media is a channel to boost your sales and awareness.

9. Social Media is not for my type of businesses

Think of it this way, if you have a strong social media strategy and invest some time and money into it, social media will transform your business into a way of keeping your audiences closer. They would read about your latest information on your social pages which would keep them abreast of information regarding your company and keep them informed as well. It is a great way to be connected with your fan/followers in real-time and build relationships with them.

10. Social media is free

One of the most common misconceptions about social media is that it is free. Sure, setting up brand pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and just about any other social channel can be done in almost no time without spending a dime. Social media marketing does involve spending money on it depending on your marketing budget for it; you can accordingly allocate your resources. But the most important investment is that of time and effort! Like Rome was not built in a day, similarly your social media presence will grow step-by-step with time and effort you will achieve your desired results.

Social media platforms are the perfect places to create a space for your business and showcase it for current and potential customers, you just need to leverage them effectively and that means knowing the truth behind some of the common myths we unleashed today.

Your turn

So what do you think about the social media marketing myths we mentioned? Any other myths you think we may have missed from this list? Do share your insights with us in the comments section below.

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  • Sidhant Sharma

    So very true…but the main problem I am facing as a Digital Marketing Agency is making local small business owners to invest in Social Media. And in case I convince them to invest, they need immediate results that too in terms of sales. Local business owners do not understand Brand Positioning, Indirect Pitches and Brand Equity. I guess it would still take sometime for these sort of Business Owners to understand Digital Marketing and then, we, The Marketing Agencies can think about growth.

    • Harsh Ajmera

      So true Sidhant, I have faced that too while working with agencies in my past. But I also understand that Brand Positioning and Brand Equity is something that comes after becoming a Brand for small scale or local businesses.
      And yes, it is also about the maturity level towards a particular platform specially in case of Social Media