World’s most influential Social Media Marketing Masters [Infographic]

Social media influencers are the celebrities of the digital space. And almost everyone, from individuals to brands wants to grab their attention. Aligning with influencers almost all the heavy-lifting of igniting social conversations for your brand will be done by them. Your word-of-mouth campaign is only as powerful as the people you’re associated with. Here are the masters!

social selling masters

Why they are called Social selling marketing masters? That’s because their online communications and digital content serve as a roadmap for using social to listen, generate leads, foster engagement and deliver value-added content that is relevant and so compelling that buyers will want to replicate the outcomes.

Last time I was wondering what tools these guys must be using to stay up-to-date will all that is happening every day and also keeping their conversations going? Harsh’s article about 5 social media tools every enthusiast should use talks all about it.

Topping the list are Gary Vaynerchuk, Jeffrey Hayzlett, and Ekaterina Walter. All these influential experts have mastered the use of social media and clearly understand how to leverage all the resources at their disposal, and can influence their audiences buying decisions. We are so glad to realise the connection we have with some of these masters.

All of the top 40 thought leaders are the master of social selling, and by brands following these influential experts, and having access to their wealth of information can help increase brands – business growth, create awareness and drive sales.

source: KiteDesk

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  • Ryan Biddulph

    Awesome Pri! And Gary Vee deserves to be at the top, as he uses social the right way. Tons of engagement and community building with this dude. Thanks!