Star Sports India faces criticism from EPL Fans over Hindi Commentary on Twitter

Some might say Star Sports might have taken a bold move to promote the upcoming English Premier League season roping in MS Dhoni. The channel keeping in mind the ‘non-football’ community in mind has started Hindi Commentary to the first fixtures of the Premier League. This however, has drawn flak from the Twitter Community who have criticized the channel for the move. Star Sports India has been trending as i am writing the article and watching the Arsenal opening game.Some of the stories have been highlighted in the storified version below:

Star Sports India has started Hindi Commentary for the new season of English Premier League. However, some EPL fans seem to be pissed and are venting it on Twitter.

Star Sports India has started Hindi Commentary for the new season of English Premier League. However, some EPL fans seem to be pissed and are venting it on Twitter.

Although,@StarSportsIndia has been quick to react with a tweet educating the users to change the language of their preference for DTH users.

Change is always resistant in India. And personally, i prefer watching the English Premier League in English. It is not just about the players on the field, but the English commentary adds a layer of excitement to the game of football. So adding Hindi as the default commentary language might have upset the already existing premier league enthusiasts. However, With Star Sports banking on MS Dhoni’s popularity to reach to not only the metros but the interior parts of India, Hindi commentary comes in to remove the language barrier from the game.

And with Star Sports showing Football on a Cricket Channel (Star Cricket) is something that has left them to be a subject of ‘Trolls tweets’ on Twitter. Fans are upset with Star Sports showing the same match on it’s 3 different channels. This will make fans of other clubs (Yes, there are fans of clubs like Tottenham and other not so popular clubs) devoid of watching their favorite teams battle it out on television. And not everyone has a steady internet connection to catch the action online.

What do you think Readers? You still prefer the English Commentary or do you accept Star Sports new avatar for the English Premier League? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments

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  • Kunnath Sabharish

    Have two channels STAR SPORTS and STAR CRICKET which shows same matches with same boring Hindi commentary.. Couldn’t watch Liverpool vs Stoke City where Liverpool is one of my fav team. And I don’t know if they had Southern Indian fans in mind who mostly don’t speak or understand Hindi. Seriously I don’t know what their strategy is but if they think that they are promoting football all over India ….they clearly NOT.. All I am gonna say is I am very disappointed with their actions and am gonna hope there might be few changes in the future.

    • Omkar Mishra

      Indeed Kunnath..They have dissapointed some loyal fans..Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  • jarman

    this is totally insane …..what mr.udaya is going to do…watch epl in hindi is like going to helll….we watch football for fun..entertainment….and hindi commentry in middle…jst ruins it…plz save it

  • SiRu

    What a shame. Why the h***ll they did this?

    Lost all excitement and do not know what to do.

    We want English. Period!!!!

    • Omkar Mishra

      Many of the current EPL Indian Fans are feeling the same SiRu..Although Star Sports is providing an option to change the commentary to English for people with DTH connections.Thanks for sharing your thoughts here..

  • Collin Davis

    ESPN Star Sports are in a real quandry. On one hand, they wish to attract new audiences. At the same time, it comes at the cost of risking loyal audiences. I also don’t like the Sky Sports commentary that shows up now as compared to the commentary of earlier seasons. It seems so drab and boring.

    Worst is that ESPN Star Sports network has taken over the rights to broadcase La Liga which they now have compress into their schedule. The Ten Network while not that great when it comes to production values still used to be better.

    True soccer fans are the ones who suffer due to such a scenario. The same holds true for cricket where in the name of money, ads are popped in right and left without giving a foot about the users.

    Dare say if football becomes as popular as cricket in India, they will start showing ads when play is stopped for a foul or if a player is lying down injured 😀

  • Van Per-se

    For God’s sake… Just use the “Language” button on your set-top box’s remote control and change it to English… How hard it that???

    • Digital Insights

      May be not everybody is having that option. But that’s a good one for those who have it.

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  • keshab

    amazed to hear level of hindi of south indian players like murli kartik, dravid and laxman in indo-windies tour. never thought laxman can do hindi commentry… that too with with such confidence.. and dada too… he also comes from non hindi state…what a pleasant surprise..

  • Sandeep Das

    I have lost my interest in EPL because of some STUPID STAR SPORTS DECISION MAKER who things we only understand Hindi Commentary !!! Please spare us !! get the English Commentary back… Is it possible to let the Intelligent Beings that they are spoiling the whole fun !!!

  • AM

    I have literally loosed my interest in EPL after this f****** hindi commentary. Please switch back to english guys.

  • shan77

    I completely agree with the author.Watching EPL in Hindi commentary kills off the excitement in the game and the consequence is, watching the game muted.Such an agony for a football fan and follower of premier league and i really hope it would be removed this season.