Tata Nano launches their new model celebrating with #NanoAwesomeness

Tata Nano has been one of the top automobile brands in Indian social media. The brand on Facebook boasts of more than 3.8 Million Fans and is making sure it is broadcasting the launch of their new Nano in 2013 to them. The Tata Nano Awesomeness campaign is being promoted by Tata Nano using all the three channels (namely, Facebook & Twitter along with YouTube).

The new TVC of ‘Celebrate Awesomeness with Tata Nano’ was being promoted on YouTube. The video due to sponsored content has already garnered up to a million views on the video sharing site. The Facebook page had created an application pertaining to the TVC which gives the Facebook fans the ability to listen to their new theme song and share it on Facebook with their friends. The fans could also download the new song via the Facebook application. The Facebook application got a decent response with more than 1.7K click throughs to the application via Facebook and Twitter (Source: bit.ly).

Tata Nano Awesomeness Campaign

Tata Nano’s Twitter handle also created a hashtag campaign ‘#NanoAwesomeness’ asking their followers to use the hashtag and follow their handle to win prizes. The brand shared the video on Twitter and asked their fans to come up with the most innovative tweets to complete the story. A TweetReach report for the hashtag gives the reach for the campaign to be more than 20K accounts generating more than 30K impressions for the recent 50 tweets.

Tata Nano for the new launch of the model has made sure it utilized social media and kept the product at the centre of things. What do you think about the Awesomeness campaign by Tata Motors? Was it ‘awesome enough for you?

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