The impact of Patna Blasts on Social Media

Terrorism in India is increasing day by day and it has spread its roots deep into our land. Terror forms an integral part of Terrorism, like the Patna blasts which took place on 27th October 2013. Eight crude bomb explosions in Patna before Narendra Modi’s arrival in the city to address a rally in the city.

Making headway in the Patna blasts case, police have arrested two suspected terrorists, including one possibly the mastermind, and detained several others. Six people were killed and 83 injured. Six of the seven blasts occurred on the outer periphery of the Gandhi Maidan and a bomb had exploded at a newly constructed toilet at patna railway station.

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On 29th October, Three more bombs were found at near the police information room, in Childrens Park and a place opposite the Magadh Mahila College, all on Gandhi Maidan. Later in the day two more bombs were recovered from the park and the place opposite the college. After the Blasts took place, it took Social Media by a storm everyone started voicing their opinions about the blasts and the devastation caused on various mediums let’s have a look at the ripples it has created.

Let’s talk about some numbers now

The blast took place on 27th October, but the Wave of conversations for the same started on social platforms from 27th October – 29th October. We are going to be analysing the effect it created and how people posted their thoughts, views and opinions. The data mentioned below – research and analysis is powered by uberVU.

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The amount of mentions garnered by the Patna Blasts were 6.7k, from the top platforms mainly Twitter (6.1k), RSS Feed (259 posts), Google+ (190 posts) and YouTube (106 videos). The most amount of interaction was generated from Twitter, the micro blogging website where people voiced their opinions. The mentions trend line started with a flat curve on 27th October but post 12 pm it picked up, on 28th October garnered more conversations and mentions! It peaked on 29th October with the amount of mentions. It began with exposure of 423k being the lowest which started from 27th October and it was the highest on 29th October at 28M impressions! On an average all 3 days 12M Impressions were being registered.

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Further looking at geographical distribution, Mumbai had the most amount of opinions voiced on social platforms at 29%, it was followed by Bangalore at 23%, Delhi 14%, Hyderabad 9% and Pune 7%. The languages most commonly communicated were English at 90%, then Hindi at 6% and others at 3% respectively. Men were voicing their opinions and anger towards the blasts with more gumption compared to women! Men stood at 89% of the total conversations and women at 11%.

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The conversations which took place over the social platforms were distributed over various topics relating to the blasts. Most talked about topic was Nitish Kumar 14% of the total conversations, followed by BJP at 10%, Tehseen Akhtar the alleged mastermind behind these blasts at 12%, Narendra Modi at 9%, About India at 8%, Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde at 5 %, Bihar and police at 5%, Blasts cases highlighting before such situations as well at 5%, Imtiaaz the other man involved with the blasts at 4 %, Bombs 4%, arrest, congress and Patna blasts all at 3% respectively. This is the level of mentions, conversations and opinions which were being expressed regarding the blasts.

Top Influencers

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Social influencers – bloggers, social media power users, journalists and those who carry clout on the Internet – have a far greater reach than average users. Influencers are prized for their ability to spread insights, tips and early word on things happening around the Globe. Similarly for the Patna Blasts there are key influencers, who contributed heavily to on-going conversations on Social Platforms.

Top Tweets

Terrorism means the policy of striking terror in the minds of the people by violent methods to achieve some ends. The Patna blasts were a terror, it was a barbarian act. But one important outcome to remember, that means of communication and expressing have widened; social media plays a large role in shaping thoughts and opinions! This was an absolute disgraceful act, but in this digital age everyone has a voice of their own and which seldom make’s the impressions on others! This in turn creates awareness and greater exposure.

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