Twitter algorithm on its way! What Businesses need to care about?

Everyone loves Twitter, I really do and for me the very first reason is it’s not like Facebook. I always appreciate how Hitesh mentioned 10 reasons why you should choose Twitter over Facebook. No algorithm, no manipulation, a delivery system that has not changed since the launch (eight years now). Well, that is about to change Twitter CFO Anthony Noto announced on 3rd September that an algorithmic feed is indeed one of several changes to be implemented over 2015. Does that ring a Facebook like bell?

twitter algorithm

Twitter has been a powerful tool for businesses and that’s because of many fators including real-time marketing, customer support, breaking news and many others. I am not sure whether this move will be beneficial for Brands or only for Twitter, but here are few things businesses should take care and think about.

1. Un-Real Time Conversations

Twitter’s real-time marketing is what makes this platform, such a favourite among users and brands. With the algorithm in tow, it will be going the same route as Facebook of altering its timeline and showing tweets to the users at the moment. It isn’t very clear how this change will affect Twitter third-party tools, but if they don’t get affected and will still deliver the tweets with no algorithm, I suggest it will be a good move to switch to these twitter tools for more real-time results.

2. Pay for Reach (like Facebook)

Facebook edgerank has made it very tough for branded content to show up organically on their newsfeed. Brands are in a way forced to pay to showcase their content, brands on Twitter didn’t have to worry about such a problem until now. But with the changes to ring in 2015 they will now be forced to pay for reach. This only shows media spending is going to be crucial and will continue growing so brands can expand their reach and engage with fans/followers.

3. Breaking News

Twitter has been the ultimate source when it comes to breaking news; it had in fact changed the meaning of breaking news as a lot of news channel would quote Twitter as the source. A very recent example of the unrest in Ferguson, where Twitter was buzzing with tweets about this episode which in turn then created awareness and pushed the story to the national forefront. Look at this tweet from Mark Hamilton to see how Facebook in comparison due to its edgerank controlled the result. Don’t you think users will miss out on certain bits of information with this new Twitter algorithm?

4. Need for a Learning curve

Twitter is such an easy platform to use, all users need to keep in mind is the 140 characters and tweet their thoughts away. Similarly for brands, they needed to strategize for how to gain followers so their posts could be exposed. With the inclusion of this algorithm brands will have to spend a good amount of time to understand the new tricks of the game, and accordingly plan on how to target their audiences and make sure the tweet shows up in their timeline.

5. Start using Twitter Search more

Researches suggest that Twitter Search is the most under-utilised tool for Twitter, not many brands use it efficiently. But since now your feed will have algorithm you won’t be getting all results! Thus if you have to find more information about certain news or topic, businesses will have to make use of Twitter search frequently to be in the loop and keep engaging!

Buzz on Twitter

With the news that Twitter is exploring in timeline altering, there is a displeasure that you can see in Twitter users, it isn’t accepted with open arms by Twitter users – Take a look below:

CFO Anthony Noto said that these changes will be implemented gradually, and won’t be thrown on the users face suddenly one day! As Twitter hasn’t really clarified in-depth about the changes to take place till then we all can only speculate and sit & wait to hear about an official announcement of its new product. Only time will tell, if it is the end of affair between Twitter and brands? And how they will deal with the Facebook-ification of their Twitter timeline!

How do you think are these changes going to affect businesses? Do you think there will be a manipulation in trending topics too? Do share with us.

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  • Vishal Kataria

    This could indeed be the beginning of the end for Twitter… Sad that they’ve decided to use algorithms… The best feature about them was the rawness of the content… For short term gains, they’re gonna cause themselves some serious long term pains… This is what happens when a company goes public :(

    • Harsh Ajmera

      True that Vishal! But sadly they have already started manipulating timeline. I am just hoping they don’t get merged with FB someday 😛

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  • Lynda Wright

    I agree with Vishal, the whole point of Twitter is that it is real-time, breaking news. That’s the best part about a hashtag being used at an event, you get the pics, updates, news, etc. as they happen. Same thing regarding a natural disaster – Twitter is where you go for info because it’s real-time. I can’t see a point for Twitter if they kill this, then it’s just a wanna-be Facebook… So stupid. why would they do this – I really hope they don’t :(

    • Harsh Ajmera

      Frankly I won’t call it stupid, though I am not totally with what’s going here with Twitter. But I am sure they must have also thought about keeping it real-time. I think the best is to wait and let the algorithm come, if they become another FB then it will be #epicfail. Let’s see.