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This is so amazing, in April Twitter opened up its analytics service for all users in United States. And now its open to all. Though there is no official announcement from Twitter yet but you can now access in-depth analysis of your tweets with metrics like number of faves, retweets, replies, clicks on link. You can also sort your tweets based on the engagement level, you got 3 options there – Best (top 15%), Good and All.twitter analytics

I can see a lot of brands and users now will be able to use twitter more effectively as they will be now able to know their followers better, you will now be accessible to know the gender distribution, geographical, interests and a chart to show the growth of number of followers.

Facebook today introduced Facebook Hashtags and now its Twitter with insights, oops! analytics. Until now, analytics was part of advertising dashboard for Twitter which has been aimed primarily at businesses who want to pay to display their tweets in front of a specific audience. Coupled with the ability to promote the user’s account, it’s an obvious and lucrative way for Twitter to monetize its service.

How to get it?

Here is your link for Twitter Analytics, just login with your credentials. Once you are logged in, click on the “Analytics” tab on left top corner.

What it looks like?

Timeline Activities

free twitter analytics

Follower Analyticstwitter analytics for free

Is it gonna hamper third-party applications usage? Yes of-course it will, but now you have everything under one umbrella. 

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