5 things you should not miss about Twitter Card Analytics

Twitter Cards has given a new meaning to ‘Tweets’ and it expresses more than 140 characters could ever have. Twitter introduced the cards two years ago, but just last month they added analytics which makes this feature a stellar for marketers. Initially, Twitter partnered with BuzzFeed, NBC News, Time Inc., ESPN, MLB, Flipboard, Etsy, Foursquare, and Path to launch and shape the product. They are now available for all card users and advertisers.

twitter card analytics

Twitter is providing analytics to let users understand how the cards are performing and analyze the impact the cards have in an effort to provide users a deeper understanding of how their tweets are performing and how to be more engaging on Twitter. Before I go any further to explain what analysis you can do on Twitter Cards, let’s look at some benefits of using Twitter cards.

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Benefits of Twitter Card Analytics

  • Monitor clicks and retweets – Twitter Cards provide users to check which source, tweet, links, your audience is engaging more with.
  • Test different types of cards – Twitter Cards allows users to add photos, videos, and deep links within their apps, content previews, and other rich media assets to their tweets. Thus letting the users test 7 different types of cards and see which one is a perfect fit for you.
  • Compare your metrics to the averages – The analytics service is intended to help Cards users gain deeper insights into how their content is faring on Twitter, and then with the metrics they can accordingly alter and improve their strategies when using cards.
  • Engage with Influencers– The Influencers function makes clear the top accounts that have tweeted your links to their audiences. And then you can engage with influencers and paving the way for possible future partnerships.

Features of Twitter Card Analytics

1. Snapshot

This snapshot shows how your Twitter Cards are driving traffic to your website. And how your content is performing on twitter as you can see the overall pie and the slice of the pie is what your account contributes toward three different metrics: tweets, impressions, and URL clicks.

twitter analytics explained
Tweets: The overall pie (larger circles) for Tweets, impressions, clicks, app install attempts and Retweets include all Tweets containing a link to your website, posted by anyone on Twitter.

Your Tweets: The slice of the pie is what your account contributes (smaller circles) includes Tweets linking to your website which originated from Twitter accounts you own.

2. Change over time

twitter analytics is great tool

This is another section, which shows how the overall data of snapshots has changed over time and it represents it in a graph form. And then compares the changes which have taken place in comparison to each other. Like in the above graph it is highlighting the change since 17th February 2014 between tweets, impressions and URL clicks.

3. Links

twitter cards how to use them

This section of analysis represents the ranks; it ranks the links you have shared with Twitter Cards that got the most clicks/impressions. It helps you understand what kind of content your followers like and engage with.

4. Influencers

This section will help you engage with your influencers, you can see the top accounts that drove URL clicks; app install attempts, and retweets to your content. These are the people you should be taking help of to grow your Twitter presence.

how to use twitter cards

Quick Tip: Create a private list of these users and make sure you are engaging with them. So with the help of these influencers your content can be exposed to a wider audience.

5. Sources

This section talks about which apps, widgets, and tools your influencers are using to send traffic to your site. This gives you a complete idea on which of these tools you should focus on. For eample- people tweeting from ‘Tweet button’ and ‘Buffer’ are your readers. Hootsuite users are usually your influencers/followers and so on.

why twitter analytics

With these aspects of Twitter Card Analytics you get some valuable information which will help you optimize your Twitter presence. And it even tells you in detail about what links, images, media content, videos, and so forth are engaging the most followers. Thus Twitter Card Analytics provides great metrics which would help a business assess the impact of their social media marketing plan.

Your turn

Twitter Card Analytics are here, how are you leveraging them? Have you started using them? Do share your insights with us in the comments section below.

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