7 Twitter Mistakes you can’t afford to make in 2014

2013 was a great year for Twitter, we saw some great Twitter tools for business, Twitter Analytics, Vine marketing, enhanced Twitter widgets, Twitter IPO and many more things that made the tool more powerful than before. We also shared how Twitter is better than Facebook sometime back. If you are still doubtful about Twitter being a gold-mine, it’s a must read.

twitter mistakes 2014

It is common knowledge that everyone makes mistakes, but making mistakes online is embarrassing for businesses. Some mistakes on social media even have the very real potential to get your business trending – for all the wrong reasons.

Hence, before you start sending tweets, you must be aware of these common mistakes. Here is a list of 7 Twitter mistakes you can’t afford to make in 2014 as Twitter will keep getting matured and will evolve more over and if you still land-up doing these mistakes, you are digging your own grave.

1. The biggest mistake people do on Twitter via @garyvee

I recently bought the book “Jab Jab Jab, Right Hook” by Gary Vaynerchuk and let me tell you, it’s an awesome book. A lot and lot of learning experience for me, maybe I will write a review on that also very soon. The number one mistake that almost everybody makes on Twitter is starting your tweet with ‘@’. If you want all of your followers to see your tweet in their stream, you must not start a tweet with a @username. If you do so, you are restricting your tweet to only the @username and your mutual friends.

Yup that means all those tweets you sent starting with @ weren’t visible to the audience you thought would see it. You should only use @username when you are interacting with one of your friends on something you don’t want to shout-out.

Check out this lovely presentation by @garyvee below-

2. #Too #Many #Hashtags

Using too many hashtags is a common mistake, particularly made thinking that when potential customers or customers are searching it will be easy for the tweet to pop up. On the contrary, too many hashtags make your update difficult to read. It also shows that you’re really not focused about the message and the conversations and you also might end-up loosing some followers like me. Generally people like to include a maximum of three hashtags in a tweet, and that is fair enough.

3. Making Tweets Too long

Are you a Facebook fanatic? Twitter is not like that for sure. Believe it or not, a 140 character update on Twitter is actually the best thing. Don’t use tools to make your tweets lengthy and bulky unless that’s the only option left for you. Studies state those under 100 characters get a much higher engagement rate. Additionally, when a tweet is too long, and takes up the entire 140 character count, there is no room for a ReTweet. You either skip that update or remove original @username, either of them are not helpful.

4. Mistakes while handling Multiple accounts

If you manage more than one Twitter account (even just yours and your business’), be very aware and conscious of what Twitter feed you are posting to. Accidentally posting your personal tweets to your business’ handle happens more often than you might think. So always be alert, you can avoid a major PR disaster for your company.

nokia nz twitter mistake

For Example: Nokia believes in ‘Connecting with people’ but after this Twitter debacle, they didn’t win that many hearts! Within minutes the tweet was deleted, but not quick enough to avoid a plethora of retweets and the inevitable screenshots that have being taken. Nokia quickly apologized and professed their love for their NZ fans. No explanation or the source of the tweet has been offered since then!

A Good Tip: Use different tools for handling your brand and personal accounts. Like we use Hootsuite for @allinsights and Tweetdeck for our clients.

5. Obsessed with your products

If you spend most of your time on Twitter promoting your business, people will first ignore you; and then “unfollow” you. No one likes a person who talks about himself, his business or his product most of the time. Just because you got some quantitative results last month doesn’t mean that you have to turn your entire strategy to talk only about your products. Don’t forget that Twitter is a ‘social’ network. You must learn how to communicate and build good relationships before you start bombarding them with promotions.

6. Ignoring Twitter Analytics

Twitter now offers access to analytics to understand your Twitter followers better. Twitter Analytics is a must as with those insights, which allow users to track things like the geographic and interest based classification of followers and the hours your followers are most active. Understanding this type of information can help you plan more effective marketing campaign. All this information is of vital importance so it gives you detailed analysis of your brands entire structure which will then help you draft a strategy more effectively.

7. Easy numbers

A lot of brands being obsessed with numbers and they want to show a great amount of followers on their Brand page, they get indulged with some social media agencies that help them getting a lot of followers really quick. Well most of them create Fake ID’s so just to increase the numbers and there will be hardly any engagement. When you will really understand the value of Twitter, sooner or later, you will then regret your decision and will want to start from scratch. We did a research here with some brands on Twitter having more Fake followers than the real/active ones.

With all the noise on Twitter, make sure that your business stands out for the right reasons. Thus with this list provided above you can save yourself from making these blunders and shine for all the right reasons in 2014!

What do you think? Have you made any of these mistakes? Have you seen other brands doing such mistakes on Twitter? Do share your views with us below.

A social media and web tech enthusiast. I keep myself busy with building social media strategies, tactics, exploring new platforms and sharing the best of my knowledge online. I like to play basketball and football.

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  • http://inspiretothrive.com/ Lisa Buben

    Harsh, I love this one! Some really good points here. I didn’t realize so many do #1. Interesting. I’ve seen a lot of #5 though not as much as 2 years ago, some people are starting to “get it” now.

    • http://blog.digitalinsights.in/ Harsh Ajmera

      Thanks a lot Lisa for your time here! Definitely people are now getting #5 but there are many brands out there finding key to success on Twitter. And all they do is sharing their products/events/everything they can about their brand.
      The major reason I see is, there is no short-cut on Twitter, unlike Facebook.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/daviscollin Collin Davis

    Hey Harsh, I have been guilty of the very first one that you have mentioned, was clueless about this and have made the mentioned mistake while handling my personal and another client brand. Thankfully the brand wasn’t as huge enough as Nokia which was good :)

    I think there was a recent case with Starsports where its account was misused by one of its parties but the most uproar I saw this time around was for the Justine Saccone tweet.

    The furore over that tweet was truly insane.

    • http://blog.digitalinsights.in/ Harsh Ajmera

      Thanks Collin for your inputs here, frankly at some point even I did the #1 mistake myself, but its been a while I know it now.

      I do remember the example of Starsports you mentioned here, it was purely a misuse. Haven’t seen that ‘Justine Saccone’ tweet, do you have any link or story for that one?

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/daviscollin Collin Davis

    Yes here it is – http://www.buzzfeed.com/alisonvingiano/this-is-how-a-womans-offensive-tweet-became-the-worlds-top-s

    She was someone who was into public relations but made a bad, bad mistake. Even got fired from a job for the Twitter joke.

    • http://blog.digitalinsights.in/ Harsh Ajmera

      Haha! This is a great example.
      Thanks for sharing @collindavis:disqus

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  • Flex Imaging

    Great tips – thanks for sharing – but who still uses TweetDeck? :)

    • http://blog.digitalinsights.in/ Harsh Ajmera

      Thanks for commenting Flex, frankly I use TweetDeck and the search capabilities are much better than other tools, love the advance search feature there.

  • http://www.ifyoucanread.com/ Edward Antrobus – If You Can R

    When I started my blog, I created a separate twitter account for it. But at the time there weren’t a lot of good tools for Twitter and I was stuck constantly switching back and forth between my personal and blog accounts. I wound up abandoning the blog account and do all of my tweeting from one account now.

    • http://blog.digitalinsights.in/ Harsh Ajmera

      I can relate to your story very much, I did the same with my old blog and then realised it’s not a good thing for me. First, personal account gives you more space and second you can have multiple admins for blog account and keep it more engaging (if you have multiple authors on the blog). That’s what I feel.

      How is your experience with this?

      • http://www.ifyoucanread.com/ Edward Antrobus – If You Can R

        My blog is just me, so I haven’t had any issues.

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  • http://reginaldchan.net/ Reginald Chan Xin Yon

    Great write and love it! Haha…I like the nokia part. That’s epic but yes, you are right. That is risky!

    It is important to check that all tweets goes out on the right account.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • http://blog.digitalinsights.in/ Harsh Ajmera

      Thanks @nicregi:disqus for your time here. As you rightly said, there has to be check for tweets to go out always!

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  • http://www.blogplustweet.com/blog.html Matt Hayden

    Another mistake people make is that they forget their manners on Twitter. I know this doesn’t happen so much on business related accounts. But if your interest is politics, you’re sure to encounter tweeps who unleash abuse on others simply because they disagree with them.

    Needless to say this kind of behavior should be avoided at all costs — and not only because of the obvious unpleasantness for the person on the receiving end. It can also get your account suspended, and in extreme causes you can even find yourself in legal trouble.

    • http://blog.digitalinsights.in/ Harsh Ajmera

      Appreciate your inputs here @MattHBlogger:disqus and totally agree! But that is everywhere on social media, every platform.

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  • http://www.skipprichard.com/ Skip Prichard

    Good overview of Twitter errors, and suggestions. Twitter is a service I get. But Facebook and Google+ no idea!

    • http://blog.digitalinsights.in/ Harsh Ajmera

      Happy to hear from you @skipprichard:disqus, Twitter is a great platform; no doubts about that. As I can see you also publish content, G+ will be very helpful too. It is better than Facebook any day.

  • BMarino

    One of the biggest mistakes is in thinking that people will be receptive to Auto DMs that are received upon following. Do NOT send out DMs to anyone with a link to your product. It only sends the message that you don’t see the person as another human being, only a potential sale. And that’s a really crummy message to send to a new follower. Don’t “remind” people to like your FB page or anything like that. Engage with others. Twitter is just like real life. If you don’t show interest in others, nobody will be interested in you.

    And if you’re a business, don’t follow people with the intention of unfollowing them once they follow you back. A local business did that to me, twice, and I have boycotted them ever since. That’s just rude. BAD business.

    Great blog. Just FYI, should be “number of followers,” not “amount of followers.”

    • http://blog.digitalinsights.in/ Harsh Ajmera

      Totally agree with you @BMarino:disqus on all the points you have mentioned.
      Thankful that Twitter has now restricted sending links in DM, its a good move to get a hold on spammers atleast.
      The follow-and-unfollow that you mentioned is obviously a bad practice that brands or I should say agencies follow to get the numbers up there.

      Glad to have you here and your insights are really awesome!

  • Hina

    Great tips – thanks for sharing Some really good points here.

  • http://www.businesstransworld.com/ Hina

    Great tips – thanks for sharing Some really good points here.

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  • http://www.stuartjdavidson.com/ Stuart Davidson

    Another classic Harsh. Added this to the top 50 digital marketing articles on my awards post. Good work!

    • http://blog.digitalinsights.in/ Harsh Ajmera

      Happy to see you here again Stuart, it’s a pleasure that you included this to your series! Thank you so much.

      • http://www.stuartjdavidson.com/ Stuart Davidson

        You are more than welcome :)

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  • Minal Ruhela

    Sad, Nokia lost a chance to connect with people. This could have been converted into a fun and witty blog saying ‘things that happen when multi-tasking’. Nice read, Harsh!

    • http://blog.digitalinsights.in/ Harsh Ajmera

      It’s been a while Nokia is not able to connect with people @minalruhela:disqus 😛
      Glad that you liked the article.

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