Twitter Scheduled Tweets are here, what it means for businesses?

Are you running a Twitter Campaign? A promoted tweet campaign on Twitter for your business? Here is a news for you! Twitter added a feature to let marketers/brands schedule their posts on 14th October 2013, as the company moves to make it easier for advertisers to use its products.

scheduled tweets

The new tool works for both regular 140-character posts (tweets) and ones that brands pay for to promote their message to a larger audience, the company said it in their blog post. The feature will help companies schedule their content up to a year in advance, making it easier to plan advertising campaigns around a new product or holiday.

How to Schedule Tweets from Twitter?

1. Blue Button: You can schedule a new Tweet via the blue Tweet button at the top right corner of the navigation menu on Twitter has also introduced a new Creative’s tab, at the top of the navigation bar, for users to manage scheduled Tweets and Twitter Cards all in one place.

twitter schedule button

2. New Tweet box: The Compose Tweet button seen on the Creative’s page will also bring up a new Tweet Box where you can create a Tweet and include a photo, location or card of your choice, along with specific targeting criteria.

twitter schedule tweet box

3. Scheduling Options: The scheduling can be done in increments of one minute and set up to one year in advance based on your account’s time zone.

But Scheduling Tweets is something that is already stewed into Twitter through clients like TweetDeck, which is owned by Twitter, and through other third party management tools, so the big question is-

Is this really worth it?

Have a look at some of my thoughts about this below-

  • With scheduling tweets, it saves time for brands and makes the process easier. But with this new feature it’s a cumbersome process as it’s not as easy as 1 click away! You need to login seperately to Twitter Ads, go to creative page, and click compose buttone and then with the new tweet box you can add pictures and location of your choice. In other 3rd party management tools its one click away! And certain Tools even offer the process of helping you choose the best possible time to tweet, in this application you need to manually decide.
  • The only thing that is constant in social media marketing is “change”, twitter is embracing the change but a little late! Don’t you think? As this process is nothing new, there are no new features like targeting based on age, geography etc. With other tools available you can organize your tweets as well, the tools help you decide the best possible time and show results of which tweet yielded best possible results.
  • This platform does not integrate other social networks; brands use tools so it can help them use time effectively across all platforms. This newly added feature of twitter you can only maintain the twitter account; with this tool you still need other 3rd party management tools to handle other online properties. Doesn’t it sound more tedious, instead of making it easier!
  • Can manage only one account at a time, do marketers have that much time to spend because with this feature they will have to. When only 1 account can be managed at a time, when some brands have multiple pages. Logging in and out will eat more than required time if you handle 4-5 accounts.

The only worthwhile feature of this tool is that it can help brands schedule promoted tweets which is not available in any other third party tools. For your organic tweets this tool will cost you more in terms of efforts and time. Don’t you agree?

Will you leave other Twitter 3rd party tools that you are already using for this new Scheduled Tweets by Twitter?


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  • Omkar Mishra

    Made some valid points here..Multi-account capability and accesibility are missing from this new feature..

    • Harsh Ajmera

      Thanks mate! It’s almost like Facebook launching #hashtags so late 😀

      • Omkar Mishra

        Hahha..True 😉

  • René Power

    Nope. I’ll be sticking with Hootsuite for now. Allows multi platform scheduled updating.

    • Harsh Ajmera

      Hootsuite is a great tool, I use it for my daily engagement too. @renpower:disqus have you tried Buffer? It’s another great tool.

  • Casey Makovich

    I’m with Rene Power, I like Sprout Social for the multi platform scheduling options.

    • Harsh Ajmera

      Thanks a lot @caseymakovich:disqus for commenting. Sprout Social has great capabilities like Ubervu and Radian6. Would love to hear more about it from you!

      • Elisabeth Michaud

        Thanks for the uberVU shout-out, @ajmeraharsh:disqus ! I love our tool’s post-scheduling capabilities, especially the Smart Scheduler feature. Would be happy to show you or your readers any of the posting or multitude of other product capabilities in-depth sometime. Don’t hesitate to reach out: elisabeth at ubervu dot com.

        – Elisabeth, Social Media Marketing & Community Manager at uberVU

        • Harsh Ajmera

          Glad to hear from you @emichaud:disqus, happy to see you have a stream running up for ‘uberVU’ as a keyword 😛 Well, I will be in touch with you soon.

      • Casey Makovich

        Sure @ajmeraharsh:disqus , what would you like to know?

        I use the most basic format. As it’s just me, I don’t take advantage of some of the useful task assignment and team management tools that it offers.

        Some of the features I use most are the integrated feedly reader, twitter monitoring tools to keep tabs on lists I follow and topics that I watch closely and also follower “clean up” tools. It’s easy to pull up interaction history when you click on an individual.

        The analytics are pretty typical of any social monitoring tools that I’ve used before. I can’t speak for the scheduling optimization tool as that’s only an option for more premium accounts.

        Let me know if you have any other questions about my experience with it!


        • Harsh Ajmera

          Thanks @caseymakovich:disqus for a quick heads up on this. You are right, that’s pretty basic. Good to hear its integrated with feedly as well.
          Well I am more interested in knowing the analytics bit. When you say typical, is that only total shares, likes, comments bla bla.. or they have some suggestive analytics too?

  • Rowan Casey

    I don’t think I’ll be bothering to use this feature. I used to like scheduling tweets with Twaitter before it was Gremlin, but then they stopped allowing recurring tweets. I sometimes use Tweet Deck, but I really can’t be bothered. Maybe I should though.

    • Harsh Ajmera

      As I said above its hardly of any use for individuals and brands can also use it only for promoted tweets. You can use Social oomph for recurring tweets, I am big fan of their reservoirs.
      And you are right, most of us won’t bother to use this feature!

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