Twtrland Tool Review: How the Social Analytics Startup stacks up with its new Business offerings

Twtrland Review : Social Media Tools

When it comes to Twitter, there are multitude of tools (free/paid) available. With Twitter not enabling Analytics for all accounts (at least for the non-ad accounts) many Tools thrive on the data and analysis they can provide on the listening/searching capabilities built on Twitter. Twtrland was one of the most recommended free tools available when it came to there objectives. Recently, the Twitter profiling tool has upgraded it’s business offerings (with a improved layout as well) to provide social analytics capabilities. Twtrland for Business is focused on tracking multiple accounts (not only from Twitter) from Twitter,Instagram & Facebook.

Project Setup: 

When you have activated your premium version, the tool takes you to a Project Setup Dashboard which lets you configure with your owned business accounts

You can add your Brand accounts from the Social Media accounts along with keyword tracking capability of your brand vs your competitors. Twtrland also gives you the functionality of tracking additional Industry related keywords so that you don’t miss out on conversations. One the Project Setup is complete, the tool provides four basic navigations for you to stroll through:

  • Home: Your main overview/dashboard to keep track of your KPI’s and WoW changes
  • Monitor: Advanced capabilities to slide & dice data to play around with your Brand/Competitors keywords to arrive on data driven decisions.
  • Publish: Publishing capability from right within the tool to tap in to meaningful conversations.
  • Influencers: As the tab suggests, it helps you discover your influencers and have supported outreach campaigns

The ‘Home’ Tab gives you an overview of the recent (7 days) performance comparing your brand’s presence to competitors along with the top content (people mentioning your Brand/Competitor).You can directly reply (engage) with those mentioning your brand through the dashboard. You can sort the Influencers mentioned by Topic based on the keyword monitoring. One ‘Nice’ feature to have is the welcome tweet feature which highlights new followers to your Brand. You can always tweet them via the Tool with a welcome message for personalized building of relationships. The ‘Recent Replies’ section includes the people who have interacted with you and provides you with relevant info when you hover on the accounts (same is the case with new followers). You can then add them to your lists or view their detailed profile on Twtrland.

The metrics include Mentions, Impressions (Sum of Twitter followers of people who have mentioned your Brand), New Followers, Account Tweets & ReTweets.

Twtrland Dashboard Setup

Twtrland Business Plan Dashboard

The ‘Monitor‘ section is where it gets interesting. It gives you the ability to sort & view your Twitter Followers by Demographics (City/Gender/Country) along with the Audience skills & engagement activities. This is something which Twtrland did provide initially too in their free offerings for a profile lookup on Twitter. The ‘Audience Analysis‘ section drills down that data to showcase fancy maps. This includes analysis for your followers ( upto 5,000, You will need to contact them for further drilldown if you require to analyze more than 5,000 Followers) along with mentions. So now you can know where your followers are from, what is their expertise and which website articles do they generally share. This data can be a lot helpful for influencer marketing program for a brand or discovering and connecting on interests with people.

Twtrland Monitor Accounts

Audience Analysis in Twtrland

Under ‘Fanbase‘ you can find out which people are connecting with you recently along with their profiles.One of the best features of the tool can be the filtering capability it provides within this section which cuts down your data by Influence (Celebrities/Power Users/Novice/Casual), Country or Skills. So now, you can interact with the right audience at the right time without getting lost in the sea of mentions.You can also view the content/users who have mentioned your Brand name (but cannot download that data as of now)

 Twtrland Tool Analysis

The ‘Publish‘ tab is really a great time-saver for brands and influencers alike. It suggests the optimal time for you to post content (along with the suggested domains you can post) by hour. The best time to tweet feature is available to you by Skills (Social Media,Marketing etc) which your followers possess along with the locations (when your followers are most online in India, USA etc). This can be utilized for testing purposes on Twitter for optimal impact (for Campaigns and articles alike) which can then be verified with measurement of the account via the Tool itself. Would be a great add-on if the tool could have the integration of these best times with Buffer (or the likes of it) for auto-importing our best times to post according to the tool. This would reduce the manual effort altogether.

The ‘Influencers‘ tab lets you search for the relevant users with the filtering options (Skill/Location). The Influencers are then sorted out on the parameters of Amplification, Reach & Relevance. In the example below, I have searched for Influencers in the field of Social Media and have got the following results (which are fairly relevant). You also have the ability to add these users to a list by which you can segregate connections based on certain parameters

Twitter Influencers on Twtrland

Finding Influencers on Twtrland

Some Drawbacks: 

Twtrland has a clean interface which can surely help you discover new information about your Brand and followers along with connecting with new users from your Domain. However, this tool being recently released lacks some basic features which are a must when managing an account. The ability to download your own (as well as competitor’s data) would be mighty helpful for anyone looking at performing advanced analytics on social media. There is no drill-down capability for certain must have metrics (Eg: Flipkart has a 8% negative sentiment according to Twtrland, If I would want to know the conversations which have been marked negative it would not provide me with that data). The Twitter data can be fetched up-to 1,500 tweets (or 7 days earlier) only and then can be tracked forward. So those who are looking for historical twitter data in the true sense for a brand would be dissapointed.

Similarly, Facebook owned page content is not that deeply linked within the tool and just gives you overview metrics as of now (Likes/Comments per post & Page Fans). The Dashboard support can be a pain at times when you cannot edit your keywords once you have activated them. You have to delete them straightaway or create a new one. There is no ‘Edit’ button (as of yet). Such minor tweaks and user preferences can certainly make the tool content worthy.


Twtrland has come a long way from and established itself as one of the alternatives for Twitter monitoring & profiling. And with this new additional business offering, I am sure it can go great distance with the capabilities it has shown to not just listen to data but filter it according to our needs. That’s the major strength (USP) I see in the tool.You can find out more about their pricing plans here which starts from $19.99/month

How do you perceive the new offering which Twtrland has to provide? Let us know in the comments below

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