8 most popular types of Social Media fans

In the age of Social Media Marketing, brands are making most of various social platforms to raise their awareness and increase their fans/followers to build a loyal customer base. But as a brand you must have noticed that the fans you have on your social platforms all have different manners of communicating.

If you start noticing and identifying the different types of fans/followers on your brand pages, you will be able to connect with them more effectively. Learn about the most popular types of fans on social media and see how you can encourage them to engage with you.

types of social media fans

1. The Quiet Follower

These followers consume content online but do not contribute. Try to generate engagement with these fans/followers by asking them to “like” a status update or photo. Engage them in conversation with posting images, contests, and questions. The more you can get these fans to engage with your posts, the more your posts will show up in their News Feeds and increase your brand exposure.

2. The Casual Liker

They liked your business page because they liked the sort of content you shared. To get more out of this type of fan/follower you need share content with strong call-to-action which makes them share this content on their profiles. So they in turn spread the word out for your brand.

3. The Deal Seeker

Access to exclusive deals, coupons, incentives, and events draw these types of fans/followers to your brand. Thus you need to regularly post about deals, coupons and even host contest as a bribe so they remain loyal to you.

4. The Unhappy Customer

One bad grape spoils the bunch. This one unhappy customer can influence many others to stay away from your brand. It is critical to include online reputation management in your social media process so that your business can respond in a timely manner. Monitor your page for feedback and complaints, and respond quickly so it shows your customers that you are listening and you care about them.

social media fans

5. The Ranter

There are always instances where brands social media accounts are flooded with complaints and rants about issues unrelated to business. Whether these comment threads are created by “trolls” or not, keep a cool head and keep your reputation safe; don’t make controversial statements. The easiest solution is to simply discourage conversations that aren’t related to your business. In these situations silence should be your Best Friend.

6. The Cheerleader

They are in a way groupie’s of your brands online presence. They spread the word about your business to their networks and convert many others as fans/followers. It is essential to let them know you appreciate their efforts, so you should feature them as fan of the week or month. Before any main event gives them the exclusive details about it as well, not only will they feel privileged but at the same time will publish it on their network as well.

7. The Loyal Fan

They do the word-of-mouth marketing for your brand. Find unique and special ways to include them in your brands community. Whatever content they post about you written, video etc. cast that as a testimonial for your business. It will reflect well on your business showing you care about their loyalty. Have previews and discounts for them so this loyalty only gets stronger!

8. The Fakers

I know this is not part of the infographic, but it needs some serious attention. Thus I’m drawing some light on it – The fakers are the worst type of social media fans your brand can ever have. Cause they are all fake accounts which are just another number piled up, who don’t even engage no matter what the effort. 1 out of 10 twitter accounts are fake [source] and similarly for Facebook, this statistic just blew me away 83 Million accounts are fake. To save yourself from these, don’t end-up buying cheap followers from some portals and agencies.

Source: ReachLocal researched the most popular types of social media fans then created the following infographic.

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