How to use Twitter Lead Gen Cards to increase subscribers for Free

Twitter is a great tool for networking and one to one conversations with your customers & prospects. However, there are many features on Twitter which still go un-noticed by Brands which can be really helpful for business goals. One of the features which generally is not used much are Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards are rich snippets inside a Tweet which makes it stand out in your usual Twitter cluster. There are many options which Twitter has given for each type of Twitter Card be it for your product or article or even your application. We at Digital Insights, have already incorporated Summary Twitter Cards which displays important meta information to our followers so that they know what’s in it for them even before they go and click on the link to read all of it. Here is how it looks on our timeline:

Digital Insights Twitter Cards

We recently covered Twitter Cards in detail along with how you can measure Twitter cards in detail previously. There is one more option under Twitter Cards specifically which we are going to cover in this article: Twitter Lead Generation Cards (LGC)

Twitter Lead Generation Cards are only used in Twitter with Promoted Tweets in order to capture a user’s interest directly with the help of a powerful CTA. Here is how it works:

How Twitter Lead Generation Cards work:

You can attach your Card to your Tweet with a powerful message. The LGC appears like this in your followers timeline:

Twitter Cards Example

The above example by Hubspot compels you to subscribe to their blog with a one click ‘Subscribe’ button. Once you click on ‘Subscribe’, your email id (with which you have registered for Twitter) will be shared with Hubspot along with your Name & Twitter handle. Hubspot can then plan to target you basis your actions on Twitter with weekly blog newsletters and offers. In short, it is a one-click hassle free way to let your Twitter followers subscribe to you in an alternate way than a subscription form fill on your blog.

According to Twitter,

Lead Generation cards generate inbound interest from users by allowing them to easily share their information with you from within a Tweet. Lead Generation cards automatically capture the user’s name, username, and email address and let them send this to you with one click.

Lead Gen Cards can be useful to Brands for:

  • Increase subscribers to their Blog
  • Free EBook/Product related information subscription
  • Early Bird Promo Information on their newly launched products
  • Promotional Offers with one click redemption

Now, what if I tell you, you can do all of this an alternate way? A way where you don’t have to pay Twitter for any of this?

Yes! You heard me right. It is possible

How to create Twitter Lead Gen Cards for FREE

Here is how you can create Twitter Lead Gen Cards without attaching it to a promoted Tweet & free of any cost:

Create a Twitter Ads account

First & foremost you should be having a Twitter Ads account on which you can sign up for. Twitter asks for the Credit Card Information and your company details. You can skip the credit card information and create a dummy campaign on it.

If you already have an Ads account configured, You can click on the settings icon of your account and select ‘Twitter Ads’ as shown in the screenshot below:

Twitter Ads Icon

Alternatively, you can also login to to get started.

Create a Lead Gen Card

Go to the ‘Creatives’ tab and go to ‘Cards’. Click on the ‘Create Lead Generation Card’ to get started

Twitter Lead Gen Card Creation
Twitter Lead Gen Card Creation

You will have to fill in the following details to ensure you have all the information forward to your Twitter users.

Short Description

Write in 50 Characters why the users should take action on your Tweet, i.e: benefits the users will get by sharing their information with you

Card Image

Communicate the value you will provide with a visual [800 px * 200 px] to entice users and re-create things which you cannot cover in a short description.

Call to Action

The caption on the button should be impactful under 20 characters.

Privacy Policy URL

A privacy policy URL which the user can refer to should also be provided of your website. The users should know who is collecting their information, how it will be used, and what steps will be taken to ensure it is secure and not misused.

Fallback URL

This URL serves a dual purpose, the first is to educate the users more about the offer once they have taken the desired action on your CTA. Ensure that the fallback URL contains more information about the offerings to the user where he can know more about it.

The URL is also called when the viewers view this tweet on non-supported platforms.

For eg: This URL will be shown to users how have not verified their email addresses on Twitter and they will be re-directed to this URL than being shown all the above details.

Optional Settings

Destination URL

The user will be redirected to this URL after they have taken the desired action. This can be your product page or the home page of your blog which the user can visit for more information.


A post-submission message which will be displayed to the user. Keep it short and make the user feel special after they have shared the information with you.

Data Settings

If you would want to customize the lead generation capture with your database, you can do that with these settings following a URL where the Twitter can send the users data directly to your CRM where you can nurture your leads further. You can also provide custom key names and custom hidden fields that will be sent along with the leads data.

You can also preview how your Twitter Lead Gen Card looks like in the preview section on the right:

Twitter Lead Gen Card Preview
Twitter Lead Gen Card Preview

Finally you will have to name your Twitter Lead Gen Card and click on ‘Create Card’ to finalize the card generation.

Collect Leads from Twitter FREE:

You can now attach this Lead Gen Card to a standard tweet and it will appear on your followers newsfeed organically. Voila, Without paying anything to Twitter

You can download those leads from Twitter (in case you haven’t configured it with your CRM) in the Cards section under the ‘Creatives’ header.

Download Twitter Leads

You can edit or create new cards (with different images and captions) to see which one works for your Twitter account testing it at different times.

How will you utilize Twitter Lead Gen Cards to your benefit? Have you found it helpful?

We would love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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