Why is Instagram soooo trending?

Instagram gave rise to food porn and the word selfie. There is no denying the fact that Instagram is growing rapidly and is one of the key social network! Remember we recently stated that there are 200 Million+ users on Instagram? They have now crossed the 300 Million mark and it is only going to soar higher.

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This 300 million milestone was brought forward to me by a friend and he also asked me What’s so Different about it? and that’s where I thought I should be writing a piece on this, here are some of my thoughts-

1. Everything Square

Every social network has its own lingo, for Twitter it’s 140 characters, for Vine it’s 6 second videos, for Facebook it’s paying for ads (kidding!), similarly for Instagram it is everything square! It’s very interesting to me how the platform in a way forces you to add any photo/video in square dimension only.

why instagram is square

At the same time it also ensures that you show your creativity within the space provided, like how Twitter wants you to say all in just 140 characters. You can actually see the world square on Instagram.

2. Complete Visual package

Audiences love visuals as not only is it a delight, but also gets across the messages faster than plain text. And with the visual boom, this platform has gained immense impetus due to the features it provides of – videos, Images and now the newly added Hyperlapse feature which you can take advantage of.

3. Bridges the Age gap

Not all social networks are age appropriate – in some social networks you will find mostly teens (Snapchat), in some mostly working professionals (LinkedIn) and so on. But Instagram breaks down this barrier, as everyone loves visuals from your millennials to grandparents you will find almost everyone.

4. Less noise more Juice

A lot of people find Twitter crowded with links, Facebook too manipulating and Google+ a big mystery. So if Twitter is about trends, then Instagram brings about visualization of that trend. Through this social channel ordinary everyday objects can be expressed beautifully just by the help of images and videos. All other platforms are just noise; this social network paints a more understandable picture of all that noise.

5. The power of Hashtags

The concept of hashtags is no way novel for any of us, with the introduction of them on Twitter gave us a cue of the benefits it provides and how to utilize them. The way the power of hashtags harnessed on this platform are the same as any other, but here luckily the 3 tag per post doesn’t apply. You can tag as many words you may like, but don’t tag any random word make sure to choose thoughtful and relevant hashtags which will help you gain the traction you are looking for!

Extending this article, I would also like to share with you what this actually means to a business.

What Businesses need to Take Care of?

1. Tsunami of Visuals

The visual tsunami we are experiencing encompasses of overwhelming usage, Instagram produces 70 Million photos. That is ton of communication done solely through basis of images + videos. As a brand that is fierce competition, thus you need to develop a very effective Instagram strategy with your team which helps you get on the right track of engagement.

2. More Quality, less Quantity

Every second thousands and thousands of images are being shared (even when you’re reading this post) and brands do feel the invisible pressure on them to stand out. Thus they also start posting a ton of pictures hoping for it to amplify their engagement, but little do they realise in this move they are compromising on quality.

As a brand your motive should be that every image/video you share is flawless and that of the highest quality as that would gain you more engagement, reach and visibility you are looking for!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this piece, specially on Why Instagram is so trending? What do you think stands it out?

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  • http://www.bloggingfromparadise.com/ Ryan Biddulph

    Harsh agreed on the noisejuice note! I’m returning to tropical paradises in about 10 days; which means my IG account will be buzzing again. Folks love IG because everything is eye candy. We have no other choice. So folks buy in and engagement rates skyrocket there because people are getting what they actually want.

    Fab points here. Thanks for sharing!


    • http://blog.digitalinsights.in/ Harsh Ajmera

      Did I hear eye candy? Ahh I missed mentioning that in the article. Thanks for the addition Ryan, totally agree with your inputs here. Let me get connected with you over Insta for the tropical treat :)