Why you should be using Power Editor for your Facebook Ads!

I have observed many ads being run by agencies with no real intentions. Be it A campaign to acquire new fans being targeted to fans themselves or a sponsored story being shown to each and everyone on Facebook. Such campaigns if not targeted well enough not only waste impressions but also do not drive relevant conversions. Power Editor is one such Tool which Social media executives/managers alike can use effectively to test and target different scenarios without wasting much of your client’s important money on Facebook advertising.

Power Editor Defined:

Power Editor lets you target and refine your audience.I have seen many people using the ‘Boost post’ option when trying out to increase the Reach/engagement. Let me tell you, it is the least preferable option you should use.’Boost Post’ is not the type of solution when you want to refine/target your post to a specific audience. Instead Power Editor can offer you a lot more flexibility and independence to play with. Power Editor for now only works as a Google Chrome App or on a Google Chrome browser (waiting for it to be compatible with Firefox too, Facebook!). So what features make the Chrome based plug-in so useful? we note some of the advantages for you:

Power Editor 1

Different Goals, Different Ads

You can try out different ads for different objectives by selecting them in Power Editor. Here are the different types of Ads you can choose from:

  1. For a Website:

Stamp Ads on the right hand side for your website or getting those impressions for your new product.

  1. For a Facebook Page:

Get those new fans for your newly created (or already existing) Facebook page. You can always target the Ads only on the Newsfeed or on the right hand side.

  1. For a Facebook Page using a Page Post:

This option can be used as a ‘Sponsored Story’ which can then be targeted to Fans and friends of fans and also to everyone else on Facebook. But we will come back to that later

  1. For an app on Facebook:

Got an application to promote? You can use that ‘Install App’ feature via the Facebook Power Editor.

  1. For a Facebook event:

An offline event to promote? Now you can promote it to reach out to your type of audience and increase participation from your fans and customers alike.


Demographic Targeting

Want to sponsor a sale related post which is available only in a certain city or for a certain age group? You can do that with the Demographic Targeting where you can drill-down ads visibile only to specific countries or cities along with Age group and gender. The feature is available under the ‘Audience’ Tab where you can also test and target audiences by also specifying Relationship status (How  about sponsoring that bachelor’s trip to Single Guys only?). The same can also be specified for education qualifications (a promotion only for college students maybe) or specific workplaces. That’s some awesome targeting which is not available within any other digital platform. So rather than just targeting the ads to millions and millions of irrelevant people, better use these options to make the most of your advertising money.

Custom Audience

Custom Audience can be used to upload your customer lists in to Facebook and target only those users with the ads. Now you can re-target your fans (who have already converted maybe) using the Custom Audience Tool. So if you are running an e-commerce site and have customers who have recently bought an iPhone from your site, you can target them thinking what their next purchase maybe (an iPhone case  or an iPod maybe). Now you can target them right where they spend most of their time, i.e on Facebook. Custom Audiences are known to increase click throughs as LivingSocial – a daily deal site rightly achieved. For getting started, you can navigate to the left hand side links section and click on ‘Audience’ where you can create and define a new audience based on your targeting. The targeting can be on your already existing database of customer email id’s, Phone Numbers of Facebook UIDs.

Facebook Power Editor Custom Audience

Target according to User Interests

With these two options you can target the audience with the content in context of the ad. So if you want to promote which is about Travelling, you would want to promote it to an audience keenly interested in travelling as a broader category or someone who likes going for holidays. You can do them both through the ‘Broad Categories’ and ‘Precise Interests’. Below is an example i have used for targeting users who have liked Samsung Smartphones and might be interested in Samsung’s other offerings too. See how multiple other options pop up once you put anything under ‘Precise Interests’ which Facebook thinks is relevant to your targeting based on your selection. Although according to Inside Facebook, Facebook is trying to merge these two options into one under Power Editor for ad creation simplicity

Precise Interests Power Editor

Optimize your Ads

Conversion Specs is an awesome feature which you can utilise to let Facebook know which type of specific action you would want to focus on. Is it more of engagement clicks you are looking for or is it just link clicks? You can specify all of that and much more with Conversion Specs. Jon Loomer has written this awesome post on Conversion Specs which you can refer too in detail. Facebook will by default have the Optimized CPM option for your ads, However you can specify any of the below conversion specs to get the desired outcome from your targeting replacing it with the ‘link_click’ option in the image below:

  1. like

  2. comment

  3. photo_view

  4. link_click

  5. post (refers to a share)

  6. post_engagement

  7. recieve_offer

  8. post_story (engagements creating a story in the news feed)

  9. video_play

Power Editor Ads optimization

Other Misc Features

One of the other lesser known advantages of using Power Editor would be the flexibility in terms of editing your ads.Power Editor literally gives you the power to bulk edit when you are managing multiple brand accounts for multiple ads and do not have time to play and edit each and every ad and customize individually. You can duplicate your ads and play with placements and copies to see which one performs better with the click of a button.

The traditional Facebook Ads Manager is also undergoing updates similar to Power Editor as we speak. But Power Editor still remains a choice for many for Advanced level targeting. So the next time you think about ‘Boost Post’, better think about this article and use Power Editor instead. And if you are wondering how to get started, Facebook has the right set of Power Editor Guidelines for you to begin here

What are the features you love about Power Editor? Would love to hear  your choices in the comments!

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